The Medium is the Message| 3 Quotes Challenge

Thank you msykmak for nominating me for the 3 Quotes Challenge. 

My chosen quote is…

One of the most important things you can do on this earth is to let people know they are not alone. 

Shannon L. Alder

I just started blogging a few weeks ago. Before then, I never followed blogs, I never read blogs. 

Since starting this “writing adventure”, I have realized something special about the process of writing, specifically blogging.

Writing is both a revelatory and therapeutic experience. Don’t you think so? 

Revelatory in a sense that the process of writing reveals a lot about yourself to yourself.  It requires you to remove the fluff clouding your thoughts so you can get to the core of what you want to say or how you feel.  Like an archeologist, you have to dig through the dirt in order to find what has been long buried. In a sense, it’s self-discovery. 

Therapeutic as it is a form of expression. It allows you to both externalize and internalizes your thoughts and feelings to a more creative form.  It gives you a more nuanced perspective. 

The fact that blogging is both revelatory and therapeutic is exactly the reason I have been finding myself at odds. It feels rather selfish blogging, especially when I notice I have been using a lot of personal pronouns in my writing. “I, I, me, me”. Then I stop.

And then I start again. I realize that is the point of blogging. I often find myself feeling alone, but when I read a blog or writing from someone about their experiences, I somehow feel less alone. I also begin to understand the writer’s experience. I become a more empathetic person to those around me. 

I had a friend tell me something I have never forgotten: “Everyone wants to be understood”.  

Often people are depressed because they feel alone. It is not hardship in itself that pains people, it is the feeling of being alone, but the feeling of not being understood. It is what isolates people into their own melancholy.  

When I think about it. Movies are a form of escapism. An opportunity to tap out of reality and experience something different from your everyday life. Most times (not all times) when you read, you are looking to connect or understand.  Maybe with blogging, the “median is the message”-Marshall McLuhan.

Sharing experiences through avenues such as blogging lets people know they are not alone. And that is one of the most important things anyone can do. 

What do you think? 


Otto Regular


The Rule Book: 

1.Thank the person who nominated you 

2.Post a quote for 3 consecutive days 

3.Nominate 3 bloggers 

I nominate… authoronablog

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