A Drifting Mirage

I do not know about you, but often times (a lot of times) throughout the day, I find myself day-dreaming—especially when I am at work.  I do not fully grasp my thoughts, but they come….and they go.  At that moment,  I am out of touch with reality (like one foot off the ground). And in the next moment, I am grounded in reality,  I can only remember what is and where I am. What was so vivid, suddenly becomes faint.  


a drifting mirage

a drifting mirage catches the glimpse of my eye

faintly it escapes and delicately disappears into the breeze 


softly it goes on by 

in mists down in parts,


only in sprinkles can my thoughts commit 

speckles and shimmer, as light glazes in  


in remembrance of what was 

what cannot be

what might have been


glancing into the distance 

a mirage turns into a haze

a picture  into a mosaic

a thought into a blur 


as the horizon melts, 

a dance, between the light and fog, 

turns into mist


a drifting figure

a drifting memory

a drifting mirage 


Otto Regular


Music: Air-Johann Sebastian 


















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