To bestow is to honour

I am not sure if I fully understand why, but I find ‘bestow’ to be a beautiful word. 

Even without going into the meaning of the word, the word in itself sounds full and rich.  It sounds both warm, and noble somehow. 

It is one of those commonly known words, but not commonly used that it still sustains its novelty. 

It goes beyond appreciation. To bestow is honour someone

It goes beyond giving. To bestow is to present something to someone 

I think of God’s love and how He has chosen to bestow His love (Luke 22:29-30). A lot of times I can be ignorant of my own vices, so self-absorbed I forget to look beyond myself. I forget to appreciate what has bestowed upon me. 

I have heard of “giving forward”. But to bestow is to take it a step further. It is to take ownership of giving what has never been meant to be kept, what has always been meant to be given away. 

Someone can bestow a gift, a feeling (peace, joy, love), or an experience. 

“God helps us to love the way that You love me”

Help Us To Love, Tori Kelly

I just heard the beautiful song, from a blogger and want to bestow it to anyone who wants to hear it. 


Has someone ever bestowed something to you (maybe when you really needed it)? And what did that mean to you? 


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